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Laser Allegretto Waveligt

WaveLight Laser Technologie AG builds the most advanced laser systems for refractive surgery.

Striving to mainatin the highest level of quality, all machines are manufactured under strictest conditions in terms of safety and precision. Only the finest optics and components are used . The company is ISO 13485:2003 certified and first European manufacturer to receive the quality approval by tve U.S.regulatory authority: the Food and Drug Administration ( F.D.A) When you choose surgery with a WaveLight laser can rely on WaveLight's commitment to safety, precision and performance.


The health of your eyes is crirical and their safety a fundamental requirement.

Therefore, WaveLight lasers come with a unique safety feature: PerfectPulse Technology. This sophisticated technology ensures that the entire treatment and each pulse of the laser beam are completely controlled.

PerfectPulse Technology

-High precision process control
-Eliminates environmental factors like humidity and temperature with a sealed enclosure for the optics
-Ensures placement of every


Laser type - eksimer laser /ArF lazerio klass 4(IEC 825)

Wave lenght - 193 nm

Pulses - 200 Hz

Eye tracker - >200 Hz

Safty class - 1 klasė, B tipas

Strandart - IEC 601/ IEC 825 / CE 1275 / 2 B class medical device acording MDD 93/42 EEC

Microscope - Zeiss OPMI



Microkeratom Moria Evolution 3


The Moria Microkeratome Evolution3 Platform is used in combination with M2 motors powered with CLB. Multiple heads and motors are used in EyeSTAR to secure a fully sterile operating environment The Moria microkeratome is unsurpassed in precision. In fact, this system has been found twice as precise as the femtosecond laser microkeratome and it does not cause Transient Light Sensitivity Syndrome. For microkeratomes, precision means safety, especially in cases of critical corneal thickness. Besides these pluses Slow Vacuum Release (SVR) of the system is a critical comfort component of the Moria.




Diagnostic devices

- Tomey autorefkeratometer  (Japan)

- Tomey pachymeter (Japan)

- Goldman tonometer 

- Takagi slit lamp(Japan)



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