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Thank you for your interest about our clinic. We working from 2006 and now we can offer laser vision correction surgery (LASIK, LASEK, PRK), eye disease diagnostics and treatment, plastic and therapeutic eyelid surgery, botulinum (Vistabel) injections. Our motto - to be fair to the patient and themselves. We do not promise miracles, but we are doing everything that they could be.


The clinic’s leading eye surgeon and director Almantas Makselis. Special interests: refractive surgery, anterior eye segment and oculoplastics. Clinical practice – from 2005.



In order to provide the most precise results, physicians conduct an accurate assessment f the eye's visual defects and exactly determine its health. The Wavelight laser then uses this informatin to create a precise treatment with an accuate and predictable outcome. In this process, the laser uses a very small laser beam that shapes the eye's surface like a delicate brush. The smooth shape of the beam creates an even surface across the entire eye, once again shortening healing times and providing precise results.



With Wavelight laser systems the actual treatment time lasts only a few seconds as compared to often longer procedures. An average treatment will take no more than 10-20 seconds - in many cases even less. This faster treatment reduces the risk of infection because it minimizes the exposure time to the surrounding air. Also, a quick treatment will reduce the healing and recovery time since the stress impact on the eye is lessened and dehydration is reduced.



The health of your eyes is critical and their safety is a fundamental requirement. Therefore, WaveLight lasers come with a unique safety feature: PerfectPulse Technology. This sophisticated technology ensures that the entire treatment and each pulse of the laser beam are completely controlled 


PerfectPulse Technology

High precision process control
Eliminates environmental factors like humidity and temperature with a sealed enclosure for the optics


At the initial screening you will learn about the best option for correcting your vision. Most of the information we collect will be useful to us should you choose to pursue treatment. You will have (1) your testing, (2) a discussion with the ophthalmic surgeon, and (3) have all your questions answered.


During the discussion, our Doctors will:

Discuss your best option(s) to achieve your goals and expectations

Ensure that you understand certain pre-treatment instructions (for example: no makeup, no perfume or cologne, and no alcohol)

Answer all of your questions to your satisfaction

If you are deemed suitable, you will then be asked to schedule your treatment and ophthalmic exam and consultation according to the guidelines proposed by the American Academy of Ophthalmology. We are confident that our Clinic's Doctor's ophthalmic examination and consultation is probably the most complete eye exam you will ever undergo. In fact, we go to greater lengths than any other clinic in the country to determine your suitability with certainty, prior to going forward with surgery





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